A change in legalisation for the New Zealand Industrial Hemp Industry (iHemp) will be implemented this November. The Government has announced that the sale and consumption of hemp seed products will be legal in New Zealand as of November 12th 2018.

While hemp seed oil has been legal in New Zealand since 2003, this advance will see products such as hemp seed beverage, protein power and de-hulled hemp seed become available, which is a big win for the iHemp industry. Food Safety Minister Damien O’Connor has long campaigned for this amendment and believes that the changes will be highly beneficial to New Zealand rural economies.

Despite this development, there are still many restrictions in place for the sale and consumption of the products. Hemp seed food items are prohibited from featuring the word ‘cannabis’ or displaying the cannabis leaf on their packaging. In addition, possession and trade of whole hemp seeds will require a license.

The iHemp industry welcomes the progress of this amendment and is eager to continue progressing the industry’s position in New Zealand.