Talent retention is one of the main challenges that the FMCG industry has to face, and Kelly Smith of Bizadvisor addresses it in the fifth video of the FGC Leaders Series.
Although there are other industries that are ‘far sexier’ than food and grocery, including telcos, marketing and advertising agencies, Smith pointed out that much work could still be done.
“We’re not doing a good job as an industry promoting ourselves out there, both to school leavers and to people already in tertiary education,” said Smith. “Once they’re in our businesses, we’re not investing in developing them. We’ve got too much focus on the output, rather than actually what we’re giving back to them to enable them to get to that next role.”

Smith added that fresh talent should be brought on board by encouraging students to get some experience, guiding them through the range of career options the industry provides.

“The skillset you can build from going into those multi-functions makes you stronger as a candidate, not only for progression within our industry, but also for going on to bigger and better things on the international scale, potentially bringing some of that international learning back into New Zealand."