Z Energy bids farewell to Countdown supermarket vouchers. From the end of July onwards, discount dockets will no longer be redeemable at Z petrol stations—a move that Mike Bennetts, Z Energy’s chief executive, deemed more attuned to consumers’ changing desires.

According to Bennetts, in a world where millennials are becoming the most sought-after consumers, paper dockets have become unattractive relics of a bygone era, and retailers need to rethink their strategy in how to engage with them. Z Energy has taken a step in that direction by offering discounts on its mobile app. Meanwhile, only 12-13 percent of its customers have been using the discount vouchers, prompting the fuel retailer to drop the exclusive deal with Countdown.

It’s too early to declare the death of paper dockets, though. Following Bennetts’ statements, Countdown rushed to announce a new partnership with AA Smartfuel.
“Countdown customers will be able to redeem their fuel dockets issued after 1 August at BP and Caltex sites nationwide,” said the company in a statement. “This brings more than 350 service stations to Countdown’s fuel offer programme, giving customers even more choice when it comes to redeeming fuel offers.”