Innovative Pest Control

Vodafone New Zealand has cemented itself as a leader in global ‘Internet of Things’ leadership. Local pest control company Alpeco is working alongside the telecommunications giant and developing innovative pest control solutions.

While the system is already in use to protect endangered wildlife on the West Coast of the South Island, the system is just as effective as a localised pest control solution.

“Within each trap, there is a SIM that connects via Vodafone’s IoT network to a smart-phone application,” explained Alpeco managing director Heiko Kaiser. “Volunteers receive a notification whenever a trap is activated which sends them to the exact location of that trap, to clear it, reset it, and trap more pests more often.”

The eMitter-App enables a quick installation of traps, which are assigned to the customer by scanning the barcode on the transmitter. This takes place on site – a prior configuration is not required. The alarm notifications are not transmitted to the display with the eMitter PRO but go directly to eMitter-Security Server. If the trap is activated, users receive notifications in the app, as well as an email and SMS. The user also receives further analysis like infestation statistics and trends.

In Punakaiki, on the South Island’s West Coast, local volunteer group Predator Free Punakaiki is working to create a native bird sanctuary. In their quest to eradicate predators, they turned to ALPECO pest control solution MinkPolice, which already has a track record of success in Europe.

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