Pest control is a key part of any food safety plan, food waste that decomposes in rubbish skips creates odours, attracts pests and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. Disposers help keep food waste out of rubbish skips, getting rid of scraps as soon as they are created. In-sink disposal units also reduce staff trips to the bin and waste-hauling costs, while increasing kitchen efficiency and profitability. Food waste disposers also play an important role in saving money with payback of initial investment in as little as one year.

The benefits extend beyond the kitchen – the carbon in the food waste helps reduce nitrogen and phosphorous in wastewater, which protects from the removal of valuable nutrients that are beneficial to the discharged water. WaterCare in Auckland want more food waste for the plants and want to be running entirely on renewable energy by 2027.

The InSinkErator brand was created in 1938 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers. With five different models, InSinkErator has a food waste disposer for any size operation. From the light-duty LC-50 to the large capacity SS-500 workhorse model, all disposers feature stainless steel grind chambers, dual-direction cast iron shredders and heavy-duty motors for quiet operation and superior performance.

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