In the fourth video of FGC’s Leaders Series, Gerry Lynch, general manager of Mars NZ and co-vice chair of FGC, focused on the importance of getting involved and taking health and safety seriously. Lynch, who is also chair of the FGC-led Health & Safety Working Group, emphasised that people are companies’ most important asset.

“We are aiming for a zero-harm workplace, which is a big bold ambition, but I think it’s one we can achieve if we can change the mindset of all of the companies within FGC,” he said.
The Council is promoting this message by getting both retailers and suppliers to sit around a table and talk. In addition, the Group has done a survey to understand where the biggest risks are and find solutions. Leaders should lead by example, Lynch added, but everyone has a part to play.

“A company that is truly world-class in health and safety is not driven by one person. It has to start from the top. I think the leader has to really own and be passionate about health and safety, but everyone throughout the organisation needs to feel they can play a role as well.”

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