Wayne Sands and Veronique Cremades

Founder of Twin Agencies Wayne Sands has taken home a Lifetime Achiever Award at the 2016 Grocery Charity Ball in Auckland for his lifelong dedication to the industry. Since its inception, sales business Twin Agencies has grown to include a team of 200 members, with a combined annual sales turnover of nearly $200 million.

“It is lovely to be recognised by the industry for what we have accomplished with Twin Agencies: a sales team that purely looks after iconic New Zealand’s food brands, a sales team that is number one in ‘Coalface’ for sales and merchandising,” Sands told SupermarketNews. “I would like to thank the team at Twin Agencies, an amazing bunch of dedicated people who are really one big family. I would like to thank the Twin Agencies brand owners and marketers who sent in my glowing nominations. And the FGC for providing the award that recognises efforts and services of us old ‘baggy assed grocers’.”

Over 20 years ago, Wayne Sands, Dick Hubbard (Hubbard Foods) and Brian Whittaker (Whittaker's) recognised the need of a sales and merchandising service that could represent local brands. Twin Agencies was born. In 2007, the business divided its merchandising and sales team into separate teams for Foodstuffs and Progressive—a move that has proven successful.

Speaking of the nominations Sands had received, FGC chief executive Katherine Rich emphasised that several of his former clients had great things to say about him.

“Typical was that of Barker’s executive director Michael Barker, who talked about the hugely influential role played in the grocery industry by Wayne, who ‘breathed life into so many of the iconic brands that Kiwis love’, while being ‘hugely respected by his staff, his principals and his customers’,” Rich said. “Wayne served our industry with integrity and passion, and as such was a most worthy recipient of this award.”