Are pyjamas an appropriate outfit for a grocery run? The question has recently surfaced in the UK, after three shoppers were shamed for wearing dressing gowns while shopping at their local stores. In at least one case, a Morrisons’ customer was labelled as ‘lazy’ and ‘dirty’ by a fellow shopper, at which point the supermarket chain jumped to her defence, saying customers were allowed to wear whatever they felt comfortable in when grocery shopping with them.
Quite interestingly, rival chain Tesco has gone in the opposite direction, giving its store managers permission to eject customers wearing pyjamas.

Little did they know, the story was already making headlines worldwide—compelling people to take sides.

Here in New Zealand, a Porirua supermarket has encouraged people to put on their nightwear and visit the store to get a chance of winning a $50 Mad Butcher voucher. Pyjama-clad customers can also find a safe haven at Fresh Choice Green Island, in Dunedin, where owners Julie and John Moyle have made clear they are not going to judge you on what you wear into their supermarket, provided it offers suitable body coverage. They added that nobody had ever complained about other shoppers wearing nightgowns, but rather about short skirts, shirtless men and body odour.

Both supermarket companies Foodstuffs and Countdown pointed out Kiwi shoppers are more or less free to wear what they please (with the significant exception of Speedos and birthday suits).