Australian-born company Natvia is teaming up with publishing powerhouse Pacific Magazines to launch its first-ever sugar-free cookbook in New Zealand.

Available at Countdown for $9.99, ‘You Won’t Believe It’s Sugar-Free’ features 120 recipes covering everything from hot to cold desserts, lunch and dinner ideas, snacks on the go and icy treats.

“Most people are aware of the dangers of sugar consumption, but they don’t know how to replace the addictive chemical in all aspects of their nutrition,” said Natvia founder Samuel Tew. “This cookbook was created to show that you can have a sugar-free lifestyle and not have to give up your favourite foods, regardless if they are desserts or meals.”

According to recent research from the Ministry of Health, as of 2016 about two-thirds of New Zealanders were considered overweight or obese, with excess weight being a leading contributor to several health conditions including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and osteoarthritis.