Supermarket Unveils Spooktacular Halloween Decoration Ideas

New World Thorndon
Marty Houston

With Halloween just around the corner, New World Thorndon in Wellington has a unique solution for those seeking creative and convenient ways to decorate their homes without the hassle of carving pumpkins.

This year, Marty Houston, a butcher at New World Thorndon, has introduced a range of imaginative Halloween decorations crafted from readily available vegetables in the produce department.

New World Thorndon has stepped up to make Halloween festivities accessible and hassle-free. These vegetable-based decorations are not only fun and easy to make but also provide excellent value for customers, giving a fresh twist to
traditional Halloween decorations.

Houston, the creative genius behind the decorations, recognised that carving pumpkins can be time-consuming, messy, and challenging. No stranger to brightening people's days, Houston created 'Mince Man', a changing character made from mincemeat, legendary amongst New World Thorndon customers.

Houston said the kitchen was the heart of the home, which is why New World wanted to inspire customers by showing them new ideas that will hopefully make them smile while also keeping them safe.

"If you've ever tried carving a crown pumpkin, you'll know it's hard, physical work and with pumpkin supply a bit tight this year, they also aren't always the most budget-friendly option," said Houston.

"To help set people up for a healthy Halloween, I've crafted a range of ghoulishly delightful decorations using vegetables readily available in the produce department. The idea is for people to explore their creativity this Halloween."

The vegetable Halloween decorations offer a safe and accessible option for families to celebrate the scary season while reducing the need for excessive pumpkin carving and waste. It's the ideal way to involve children in the preparation
and encourage healthy eating habits.

Some of the inventive vegetable Halloween decoration ideas include:

Capsicum Jack-O'-Lanterns: Carve expressive faces into capsicums for a unique alternative to traditional pumpkins. Insert an electric tea light or place it before a lamp for a glow-in-the-dark option.

Creepy Cabbage: Slice a red cabbage in half before hollowing out eyes and a mouth. Insert radishes as eyes, and some carrot batons make great teeth.

Cabbage Crash Diet: Slice a carrot before taking a green cabbage and carving holes for the eyes and nose. Insert your sliced carrot pieces, and its job done.

I'll Make You Cry: Peel the skin off a red onion before carving holes for eyes and a slot for a mouth. Use pieces of carrot as the eyes and teeth.

Part of the Foodstuffs North Island co-operative of grocers, New World Thorndon is locally owned and operated and committed to providing fresh, high-quality products and essential groceries for the community.