Pictured, Olympic heptathlete Sarah Cowley, Olympic gold medallist sailor Polly Powrie and NZ trampolinist Dylan Schmidt.

Elite athletes and the NZ Olympic Committee were the guests of honour at the latest Fonterra’s breakfast event, aiming to celebrate the Anchor-NZOC sponsorship for Rio 2016 as well as healthy nutrition.
Indeed, who better than Olympic heroes to explain the benefits of a balanced diet? Young pole vault champion Eliza McCartney mixed up a chocolate berry smoothie, following one of her favourite recipes, which will be used to promote nutritious options in the coming months. Among the special guests were 2012 Olympic heptathlete Sarah Cowley, 2012 Olympic gold medallist sailor Polly Powrie and Auckland teen Dylan Schmidt, the first NZ trampolinist to qualify for an Olympics.
In greeting the athletes, Leon Clement, managing director of Fonterra Brands New Zealand, praised Kiwis' mind-set.
“Anchor is all about goodness that provides strength, and leads to self-belief and the willingness to give anything a go,” he said. “That attitude is hard-wired into the Kiwi psyche. We see it not just in sport, but across all the ways we express ourselves in our communities and on the world stage.”
While an excellent breakfast is part of any athlete's routine, the same cannot be said for all New Zealanders. According to recent research that by Fonterra, 11 percent of Kiwis said breakfast was not necessary and 20 percent only eat breakfast sometimes; this negative trend particularly involves younger people, with under-35 New Zealanders being less likely to always eat breakfast.
“Fonterra Brands is up for the challenge of promoting the importance of breakfast, and in particular that dairy is a perfect way to get the nutrition we all need,” Clement said.

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