Following a successful trial in select New World supermarkets, all New World shoppers in the North Island are now being rewarded for not using plastic bags: customers receive 5 cents off their shop for each reusable bag used at checkouts, up to a limit of 50 cents per visit. Stores will also offer them a selection of reusable bags to cater to a range of occasions and lifestyles.

The new scheme is just one of the initiatives that Foodstuffs has launched to make a positive environmental impact in the community, the others being its award-winning recyclable meat trays and the Soft Plastics Recycling Programme.

According to Doug Cochrane, general manager retail, Foodstuffs North Island, the movement towards reusable bags is gaining momentum in Europe.
“Billions of plastic bags are used globally, causing a devastating impact on the environment. This issue needs to be addressed, and we can help by encouraging customers to begin changing their shopping habits,” said Doug Cochrane, general manager retail, Foodstuffs North Island.