An alternative low-calorie and gluten-free flour, high in protein, vitamins and fibre, has been created by biological scientists at the University of Auckland, using fruit pulp that would otherwise have been sent to waste. Commercial opportunities are still being explored and Granucci's research will continue throughout this year, but the product already has a name, Ample Apple.
Initially developed as animal feed, the new flour appeared to have potential for human consumption.

Silas Granato Villas-Bôas and Ninna Granucci

“We’ve tried to replace wheat flour completely with this and it cooks well. The consistency is fine, it tastes great, the flavour is better,” said associated professor Silas Granato Villas-Bôas, who has been working along with PhD student Ninna Granucci. Named Green Spot, their venture won $15,000 in seed capital at the Spark $100k Challenge, and received funds from both Bioresource Processing Alliance and Callaghan Innovation.