THE Mad Butcher has opened its first innovative concept store, the ‘Mad Butcher Mini’, 15 kilometres west of Dunedin’s city centre in Mosgiel. The new concept store will provide access to a local market of some 10,000 residents.
The store offers all advertised Mad Butcher promotions including a limited range of fresh NZ quality mark lamb, pork, beef, Tegel chicken, sausages and bacon.  Also available is a range of popular frozen products and a limited grocery selection.
Mad Butcher Dunedin and Mosgiel owner Tony Coulston says he’s received consistent positive feedback from the community since the store opened its doors.
“It’s the best of both worlds. We get economies of scale with most of the processing done in the main store in Dunedin and there is always a butcher on site ready to cut anything for anyone at any time,” Coulston says. “Customers can also order products not available in the Mosgiel store to be delivered from Dunedin within 24 hours.”