My Food Bag has received a cease and desist letter from German-multinational corporation HelloFresh use of the word ‘hello’.

The Kiwi company received a cease and desist letter from HelloFresh, instructing them to stop using the word ‘Hello’ in marketing Fresh Start with Nadia and threatening legal action if they did not meet requirements.

Cecilia Robinson, Founder & Director of My Food Bag says the company was bemused the multinational corporation took the time to write.

“Who would’ve thought a simple ‘hello’ could get you in so much trouble? This is a word we have used in our communications with customers since we first launched My Food Bag in 2013 – surprising as that may be – and we will continue to do so,” she said.

"We'd heard of them but we didn't think they'd take an interest in us in New Zealand. We take it seriously, but at the same time we're not idiots, we've had legal advice. We're using 'hello' in the descriptive way and we're not going to be bullied.”

In a cheeky letter addressed to the corporation, My Food Bag offered a ‘yeah, nah’ and claimed to have sent a Hello, Fresh Start Pack.