New Last Minute Saviours

From pack to plate in five minutes or less, Delmaine’s new premium pastas are set to become your new last minute saviours, and are now yours to savour.

Merging the best of Italian cuisine with quality local produce, the New Zealand Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli and Four New Zealand Cheeses Ravioli are made fresh daily here in New Zealand using a classic Italian recipe adapted to make the most of the delicious New Zealand ingredients. With larger pasta pieces, thinner and more elastic pasta and a shape that removes heavy pasta corners, there is less pasta and more filling – and flavour – in each piece.

The new Authentic Italian Potato Gnocchi and Authentic Italian Spinach Gnocchi taste like they’ve been served up by Nonna using a recipe handed down over generations. And that’s because they are lovingly crafted by Delmaine’s gnocchi specialists in Treviso, North of Venice.

These new premium pastas are ideal served simply with a drizzle of quality olive oil, some freshly shaved parmesan and a few grinds of cracked black pepper for a gourmet meal in minutes.

European Inspired, New Zealand Owned.