Australian wine company Taylors Estate has launched an innovative new label design, intended to aid consumers in enjoying their wine at the perfect temperature. The labels are temperature sensitive and change colour depending on the temperature of the wine and the bottle.

Wine experts agree that drinking wine at the correct temperature has a positive impact on the taste and aroma of the wines. Influential wine commentator Jancis Robinson said that “it’s impossible to overestimate the effect of serving temperatures on how a wine will taste.”

The optimum serving temperature for white wine is 6°C to 12°C, while the average refrigerator is set at 3°C to 4°C. Similarly, the optimum red wine temperature is 12°C to 18°C, cooler than the average New Zealand summer day which hovers around 22°C.

Taylors Wines’ resident Master of Wine Neil Hadley claims that red wine served only a few degrees too warm or too cold will result in a loss of balance of subtle flavours, due to alcohol and tannins overpowering flavours and aromas.

The labels are available on all red and white wines in the Promised Land and Taylors Estate range.