New World and Four Square Trial Grocery Delivery with Uber Eats

New World & Four Square have partnered with Uber Eats to unlock the first grocery offering available on the platform in Aotearoa. 

For New World and Four Square it’s yet another way to put New Zealanders first, particularly with those inevitable last-minute grocery needs.  

Currently being trialed with 22 selected New World and Four Square stores in North Island, customers simply select the “grocery” option in the Uber Eats app and then pick the storefront closest to them to begin their order. 

Customers can shop for their usual items from the fresh, grocery, and household sections. It’s perfect for that mid-recipe forgotten ingredient moment, if you decide you fancy a dessert after all, or even the midweek top up shop.  

Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin said this partnership using the familiar Uber Eats concept helps open more dynamic shop offerings and expands accessibility to New World and Four Square customers.  

“We’re always looking for ways to offer our customers the best shopping experience, and in partnering with Uber Eats we’re able to help them get what they want even faster making groceries within the hour now possible.” 

The service is simple to activate, with customers placing their order online. It is then sent to a tablet instore, the New World or Four Square store team picks and packs the order and an Uber Eats delivery person collects and delivers it to the final customer.   

“All of our decisions are informed by customer insights, we’re on a mission to become one of the most customer driven retailers in the world and this is a small part of that journey,” said Quin.  

“The feedback we’ve had from customers has been extremely positive so far and we’re looking forward to hearing more from our customers in the coming weeks.” 

There will be $0 delivery fees on grocery orders over $20, for people with an Uber Pass membership - though service fees will still apply.  

“Kiwis are searching for ultra convenience and faster delivery is a big part of the new normal following Covid. By linking up with retailers like New World & Four Square, Uber Eats is well positioned to usher in a new era of ease for households across Aotearoa – strengthening our platform’s appeal as the place to head to go anywhere or get anything," said Uber Eats Regional General Manager Grocery and Retail, Lucas Groeneveld.

New World Metro Queen Street Operator Steven Yin, whose store was the first to begin the trial, said it’s been fascinating to be part of the new customer service opportunity and to see first-hand how the new system can benefit his customers even more.  

“To date, there’s no clear pattern to what shoppers are buying via the Uber Eats partnership. We’re seeing both large and small orders coming through with the top five most purchased items in the first few days of operation were mandarins, avocados,1.5L water bottles, apples and soda.” 

There are 22 participating stores across New World and Four Square with many now participating in the trial and the remaining stores to launch by the beginning of December.