Nosh Food Market has extending its’ retail footprint with its new flagship store in Pakuranga to serve Auckland’s Eastern Bays. The Pakuranga store is the eighth in the Nosh network and marks a turning point in the evolution of a business that has been through three ownerships in the last 2.5 years.

“We’ve set some directions for the company, re-establish relationship with suppliers, and this new new store in Pakuranga will be a blueprint for where we are going forwards.  We definitely don’t want to bite of more than we can chew, but really make sure of range, training systems, and get that right, and hopefully we can build three or four more stores next year,” said general manager Rod de Vries.

“Our growth depends on people – both those in our teams and those in each community we join. We plan to put far more emphasis on our people, as they are our most unique and important asset.  For our staff, our commitment to training, engagement and performance will continue to grow; and in our communities we will strive to support and contribute to each of our local areas.

The new Pakuranga store opened on 31 August and stocks the full Nosh range including deli, bakery, produce, grocery, butchery, seafood and alcohol as well as containing a small café.  The store boasts a 689m floorplate and will be stocking over 3,000 product lines.  It will have a team of 32 staff which includes 13 students and will operate 8am -7pm, 7 days a week.