Brian Phillimore

Having represented premium FMCG businesses for nearly thirty years, College Hill Agencies know what it takes to secure long term growth, brand profitability and buy level on shelf. To achieve these results—especially in a highly-competitive environment like the grocery market—an unconventional and creative approach is crucial.

“We look to harness our people’s energy and ideas and let them loose with accountability for results,” said Brian Phillimore, College Hill’s managing director. “We are proactive and innovative in building relationships at all levels of the industry with an eye to mutual benefit. We like to be at the table for NPD and sales strategy and the more input the better.”

Previously known as Anstiss Sales & Marketing and recently renamed to College Hill, the agency was founded in 1988 by Maurice Anstiss. Staff members have on average ten years’ tenure and bring passion and enthusiasm along with lasting relationships, with two of them having been supermarket owners.

“We value our team and they are at the heart of our business. By ensuring we have a long serving, happy and motivated team we can ensure the best possible representation of our brands,” Phillimore said.

Committed to building lasting and mutually profitable relationships with the companies they represent, College Hill Agencies focus on a tight portfolio of brands, most of which sit in the premium segment. Wellington sensation, Havana Coffee is just the latest addition to their customer base. “All of our clients are brands with passion, brands with a story and they’re NZ family-owned businesses for the most. By building a portfolio of brands that work together we leverage their strengths for the benefit of all ” Phillimore said.

Although their current priority is to grow the brands within their portfolio, CHA are willing to take more clients on board, provided they’re the right fit. “We partner with brands we believe in and who share our values and goals.”