NWBCA Top 30 – Behemoth Brewing Co.

Behemoth Brewing Co

Behemoth was born out of a love of big flavoured beers and wanting to make beer a little more fun. Owner Andrew Childs knows his range of beers are big on flavour and personality.

“Every beer has a story and every beer is fun,” said Childs.

“Over the last year one of the highlights for us has been winning Best IPA in New Zealand at the Brewers Guild Awards and our successful crowdfund for our brewery and bar/restaurant/butchery Churly’s Bar and Eatery.”

Recently, the brand welcomed Paddy Finn Molloy as its head brewer who is also passionate about creating fun and exciting new beers for their loyal fan base.

“Consumers are looking for full-flavoured beers that tell a story and are just fun and freaking delicious.”

Over lockdown, the brand was overwhelmed with the incredible support it received for its online store which helped the business and the team get through the challenging time.

Looking ahead, the brand has many new and interesting brews on the horizon, with beers being released every week.

Behemoth Brewing Co Team