Sales of All Good Bananas through Foodstuffs stores have contributed $1 million in Fairtrade Premium funding to the El Guabo Association of Small Banana Farmers.

The Fairtrade Premium is an additional payment that comes from every bunch of All Good Bananas sold over, and above the fair price, All Good Banana growers are paid. This additional funding is used to improve the economic, social and environmental quality of life of the El Guabo farmers and their community.  An El Guabo committee decides how to apply the funding to help the community.

Foodstuffs has been supporting All Good Bananas ever since its launch in 2011. “Our customers love bananas, so much so that they are the most popular fruit in the country, and fairtrade bananas provide them with a great ethical option,” said Brigit Corson, merchandise manager produce and meat at Foodstuffs North Island. “By offering customers a fair trade banana option, they make the choice to help improve the lives of banana growers’ communities around the world with each purchase. Foodstuffs is proud to support and enrich the El Guabo Banana farmers’ communities.”

Through the program, All Good Bananas have been able to fund a special needs school where children are able to receive specialised care and education and a free 24-hour medical centre with two respiratory specialists. They have also been able to provide school packs to children as well as invested in the continued education and tools required for soil improvement, soil water analysis and promotion of biodiversity.

“We are thrilled that Foodstuffs has been part of our journey and have contributed $1m back into our grower communities through the sales of All Good Bananas. We are able to show real tangible results from this money, and this is impacting the lives of our growers. Kiwis can feel good that their purchasing behaviour is making a fairer world for banana farmers,” added Faye MacGregor, GM marketing All Good Bananas.

With the continued support of New World and PAKnSAVE shoppers, All Good Bananas will be able to continue to change the lives of the growers and their families in El Guabo, Ecuador.