Sink Your Teeth Into New Pure Piraña Seltzers

Time for something new? Kiwis fishing for the next big thing will soon be able to snap-up a few delicious new drink options with the launch of the alcoholic beverage brand Pure Piraña.

Low in sugar (1.7 grams per can) and containing fewer than 100 calories per can, Pure Piraña seltzers offer a fresh new option for a modern generation of consumers who are increasingly conscious of their consumption habits and lifestyle choices.

In a style that has seen huge popularity overseas* Pure Piraña seltzers cater to consumer demand for naturally flavoured, fruity-but-not-sweet alcoholic drink options.

Pure Piraña seltzers are available in two exciting flavours:

-        Pure Piraña Lime: With a crisp, refreshing zesty lime flavour, Pure Piraña Lime delivers pure citrus sharpness in a low sugar seltzer style.

-        Pure Piraña Raspberry: A subtly sweet option with a clean finish, Pure Piraña Raspberry offers juicy raspberry flavour in an effervescent, dry seltzer style.

“For those wanting to dip their toe in and try something new this summer, Pure Piraña products are brewed to deliver a lighter style alcoholic beverage with delicious, refreshing fruit flavours," said Fiona Marston, Senior Marketing Manager at DB Breweries.

“A different style to what people might be used to, Pure Piraña products appear almost-clear, yet deliver a full, fruity, taste and a light, clean finish,” said Marston.

Pure Piraña products are all 5% ABV and will be available in 10 packs (RRP $24.99) from supermarkets, liquor stores, bars and restaurants around the country from the 1st October 2020.