Disposable nappies are one of those necessary but grudge purchases making up a large chunk of a parent’s outlay, and New Zealanders have long bemoaned the cost. There’s a new player in town, Rascal + Friends, with a mission to drive costs down while offering a top-notch trustworthy product – which also happens to be stylish.

“We all love our kids to bits, but they are pretty expensive wee things – especially when it comes to the relentless need for nappies," said Louise Stainthorpe, mother of four boisterous rascally lads and co-owner of Rascal + Friends. "I was frustrated with what was on the market – everything was either too dear or just didn’t perform, so like many other Kiwi entrepreneurs, we got a team of geniuses together and we worked out how to make a great nappy, which actually works and happens to look good too.”

Grant and father Keith developed the brand and business model, Louise jumped on board with product development and baby experience and world-famous- in-New- Zealand childhood friend and backer Nick Mowbray (of Zuru Toys) to find a solution.

“Exhaustive searches for quality suppliers, design and testing, and negotiating over pricing resulted in a fantastic range which we initially sold online,” says Grant Taylor. “But, one of our principal aims was to make the Rascal +Friends range available to more people – and here’s where Foodstuffs comes in.

“We are so excited to offer our range exclusively through PAK'nSAVE, New World and Four Square stores, throughout the country. Like us they’re determined to offer premium quality at a competitive price for customers – so together we’ll solve a problem for parents and caregivers everywhere.”

The range is designed in New Zealand and manufactured with strict quality control. “We’ve considered everything from the best materials in market through to recyclable packaging,” says Grant. Shoppers can see the product before they buy through a specially designed window on pack, and at launch we have a range that suits children of all ages and stages, with more designs already on the drawing board.”

Key features include water-based ink, stylish outer design containing no formaldehyde, 3D leak guards to help hold those explosions in, re-sealable Magic Fastening Tape, super-soft non-woven absorbency and dispersion layer, breathable back sheet and new innovative absorbency channels to increase the absorbency area by up to 40 percent.