Something a Little Bit Fancy for Breakfast

The Farmer Jo brand started out with duo Sally and Scott Tulloch baking oats, nuts and seeds in the kitchen at home, burning a few batches along the way, to come up with five delicious flavours of muesli and granola in 2009. Today, the brand has grown to be stocked around Australia and now New Zealand.

"Our brief was really clear. To take all that was great about muesli – basically, it’s incredible health and nutritional benefits – and add some bling. We wanted to make a muesli that would have you salsa dancing to the breakfast table wearing flowers in your hair." said Sally.

"It turns out there was room in the market for a boutique, small batch muesli brand. A decade on, with a range of 15 muesli and granola flavours, including gluten free and paleo mixes, and a strong team, which includes Sally’s sister Michelle and her partner Eliseo (Yeah!) ­working alongside us. Farmer Jo is now sold around Australia and exports to Japan and elsewhere in Asia."

"Every mouthful of Farmer Jo’s muesli and granola has to taste amazing. This means seeking out the best tasting raw ingredients we can and treating them with the utmost respect when they arrive in the kitchen. We zero in on the optimum toasting time and temperature to bring out the best of each ingredient. With oats, we like a dark roast, the result of a long, slow bake. Small seeds will need less time in the oven and large nuts, well, they take much longer. The end game is that every single ingredient is at its best before it gets mixed. If you’re going to eat granola, you’ll want crunch, so we subject our ingredients to the crunch test too. Plus, we are big fans of clusters and do everything we can to make our clusters as big, and as crunchy, as can be."