New World and PAK'nSAVE have been doing it for years – saving food that’s too good to throw away, and instead donating it to foodbanks and community groups around the country because sadly not everyone is able to easily provide for their families. That’s why New World, PAK'nSAVE and some Four Square supermarkets are stepping up to make a difference.

“We do our best every day to help our customers access fresh and affordable food and groceries,” said Dominic Quin, on behalf of New World and PAK'nSAVE.  “But there are some in our community who really struggle, and so rely on wonderful organisations such as Kiwi Harvest, Kaibosh and City Harvest Food Rescue in order to feed themselves and their families.  Those groups take what we’re unable to sell but don’t want going to waste, and then share it with those people in need.”

With an increased focus on reducing food waste and its negative impact on the environment, New World in particular is stepping up to ensure that Kiwis think carefully about using all the delicious food they buy.  New World is just about to launch a new campaign which celebrates leftovers and encourages home cooks to make the most of what they can’t manage to eat at the end of their evening meal.

Jenny Marshall from Love Food Hate Waste is right behind the New World campaign.  “It’s not just about leftovers.  We’re also helping in-store teams talk with their customers about how to look after their fresh fruit and produce. Broccoli stalks are just as delicious and nutritious as the florets, for example, and if you cut up and keep fresh carrots in an airtight container you have a fresh and healthy snack that’s ready to be packed for school and work lunches.

“One important way to keep food fresh is to store it properly. Clean, airtight containers can be used for leftovers and odd bits and pieces in your fridge, freezer or pantry. Label containers with the name of the food and the date you put it in the container, to make sure you know what’s what,” said Marshall.

Dominic Quin from New World adds, “Loads of tips for using leftovers and stopping food waste can be found online at or And if you have any good food you can’t use, reach out to one of the many community organisations who may be able to take it off you and share it with people who need it. Visit Love Food Hate Waste’s ‘Make a Difference’ webpage for info on where to find your nearest community fridge, pantry or fruit and vegetable stand.”

Photo: Richard Drakeford from PAK'nSAVE Kilbirnie passing donations to Martin Andrews of Kaibosh