Summer of Seltzer

In the lead up to summer, New Zealanders can look forward to a delicious new drink option thanks to the launch of the elegant new alcoholic beverage brand, Club Setter.

Club Setter is New Zealand’s response to the growing global seltzer trend, with the category rapidly accelerating in growth over the last five years. In the United States alone, the seltzer category is estimated to reach USD$4.5 billion in 2020*, almost tripling in value with a predicted 270% increase from 2019**.

Low in sugar (1.7 grams per can) and with less than 100 calories per can, Club Setter Seltzer has been developed to cater to the growing cultural trend towards living a balanced lifestyle and offers a great new option that anyone can enjoy.

Club Setter Seltzers deliver a pleasantly light and refreshing taste and are available in two delicious natural fruit flavours:

  • Club Setter Watermelon and Strawberry: Summary watermelon combines beautifully with ripe strawberry flavour for a light, refined refreshing seltzer.
  • Club Setter Tropical: An invigorating burst of mango, passionfruit and pineapple combine for a delicious tropical flavour, followed by a dry, smooth seltzer finish.

Fiona Marston, senior marketing manager at DB Breweries, explained that Club Setter Seltzers offer Kiwis an exciting new alternative this summer. “Club Setter products are brewed to deliver a lighter style alcoholic beverage with delicious, refreshing fruit flavours that may surprise you. Though it appears almost-clear, it has a full, fruity, summertime taste with a light, clean finish that makes every mouthful as refreshing as the last," said Marston.

“Hailed as the drink of the upcoming summer season, Club Setter Seltzers will transport you to the global destinations you are dreaming of visiting."

The Club Setter brand launch will be supported by an advertising campaign that launches nationally on October 5th 2020.

Club Setter products are all 5% ABV and will be available in 10 pack in New Zealand from October 5th 2020.