The Cookie Project Celebrates Pride Month

The Cookie Project is an awesome social enterprise that employs Kiwis with disabilities to bake cookies. Its purpose is to help Kiwis with disabilities understand their own value to themselves and to society.

To celebrate Pride Month, The Cookie Project and its bakers will be making limited edition Rainbow Heart Cookies – its most intricate and complex design to date.

Hand baked in Eden Park, the cookies are made with premium quality butter from Lewis Road Creamery and layered with vibrant colours.

The cookie design was influenced by the original Rainbow Pride Flag established in 1978, with each colour representing a different meaning; red as life, orange as healing, yellow as sunlight, green as nature, blue as harmony and purple as spirit.

20 percent of the organisation identifies with the LGBTQI+ community, The Cookie Project has created these Pride cookies to represent not only the diversity within its team, but also demonstrate one of its main organisational values of ‘inclusion’.

Retailing for $49.90, each Pride Rainbow Cookie Jar contains 20 pieces, and generates at least 30 minutes of employment for Kiwis with disabilities.

Available for a limited time, get yours quick!