Venerdi Launches Flavoursome New Craft Bread

Auckland bread making company Venerdi has launched an exciting new product to add to its Organic Sourdough range.

The new Crafted Seed & Sour is on shelf as a 680g unsliced loaf, harking back to the days of old time goodness in bread making.

Crafted using traditional sourdough fermentation methods combined with the aromatic and earthy addition of caraway seeds, this well-balanced loaf is bursting with flavour and has more protein than carbs. The bread is gluten, dairy, soy and yeast free.

Venerdi Founder and CEO Tim Grainger, described Crafted Seed & Sour as having a beautiful, rich flavour that can carry any ingredient but is most expressive when eaten naked.

“The interplay between sweet, sour and salty with a good dose of fat and aromatics (caraway seeds) gives it a real dynamic lively flavour,” said Grainger.

Crafted Seed & Sour is certified organic and includes activated seeds, hemp hearts, and a healthy dose of Venerdi’s unique lactobacillus enriched brown rice sourdough.