Local cider brand Zeffer is making a push into the Asian market with the announcement of a public capital offer of up to $1.2 million. The rapid growth experienced by Zeffer over their eight years, and with ciders sales on the up worldwide, means that now is the perfect time for the Matakana company to focus on two key export markets, China and Thailand.

“Mainstream beer brands have stalled in recent years as consumers have become more educated and demanding more premium or craft beers,” said Josh Townsend, Sales and Marketing director at Zeffer. “While cider is still a relatively new concept for China and Thailand, we’ve noticed it’s noe really starting to take off. Given their respective free trade agreements, climates, burgeoning middle class and their demand for craft beverage now booming, it presents massive opportunities for us to capitalise on.”

Zeffer’s current export markets include the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. They will continue to expand in these markets but will expect the bulk of their export growth over the next two years to come from China and Thailand.