Kroger has announced a new plan to end hunger in local communities and eliminate waste across its company by 2025.

The Zero Hunger Zero Waste plan aims to make the world a better place and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Being in the grocery industry for many years, Kroger has learnt that meals matter. “Families that share meals together have children who do better in all aspects of life. Yet, there is a fundamental absurdity in the U.S. food system when 40% goes to waste but one in eight Americans struggle with hunger.”

Kroger’s plan requires food donations to meet the one billion meals by 2020 goal and three billion meals by 2025. Communities are encouraged to donate more balanced and healthy meals to provide the needy with substance and nutrition. Part of Kroger’s Sustainability 2020 Goal is to become zero waste, this is possible through advocating for public policy solutions and engaging with experts in the field. The Kroger Co. Foundation has established a fund of US$10 million to achieve these goals.

Transforming lives in America one meal at a time, Kroger’s vision of Zero Hunger Zero Waste can only be achieved with the nation’s help and contributions.