Zespri Revenue Makes Records

Zespri Global revenue exceeds 4 billion dollars

Zespri has delivered a record result for the 2021/2022 season, with a total global sales revenue that exceeded NZ$4 billion for the first time ever. The pandemic was thought to hinder global fruit sales, however, revenue was up 12 percent from the previous year and sales volume increased by 11 percent.

The result of this high achievement saw a record $2.47 billion in loyalty payments to the New Zealand industry, that were spread between regional communities within the Bay of Plenty, Northland, Nelson, Gisborne, and the Waikato.

Zespri's Non-New Zealand Supply sales increased to $536.9 million and the net profit after tax sat at $361.5 million.

“This was an extraordinary season where the industry faced some considerable headwinds in market, throughout the supply chain and on orchard, yet collectively we found a way to tackle the challenges and to continue to succeed." Said Bruce Cameron, Zespri Chairman.

“Most pleasingly, not only have we delivered strong returns for growers including our second-highest per hectare returns, we’ve strengthened our partnerships across our global supply chain, continued to make positive contributions to our communities and made decisions as an industry to set ourselves up for sustained success."