Elevating Customers Culinary Experience


Introducing the authentic French Made La Fournee Dorée Brioche Bread range to supermarket shelves nationwide. Elevate customers' culinary experience with French Made La Fournee’s meticulously crafted selection, featuring three exquisite products: the indulgent Burger Buns, perfect for gourmet creations; the bite-sized Sliders, ideal for appetisers or mini sandwiches; and the versatile Sliced Loaf, bringing French sophistication to every meal.

La Fournee Dorée offers customers a taste of artisanal excellence, ensuring your shelves resonate with premium quality. Elevate your store's reputation by becoming the go-to destination for those seeking the finest brioche bread.

For more information or to become a stockist, contact Mike Fisher at mike@afmgroup.co.nz or visit www.afmgroup.co.nz.