Jiggle with the Wiggles for a healthy smile!

Just in time to coincide with The Wiggles’ upcoming August tour, Piksters introduces a kids’ oral care collection to help Kiwi children develop healthy habits and make brushing fun. 

These habits can set the stage for good oral health care throughout their entire life. They can avoid

problems that result from poor oral hygiene. Getting kids to brush isn’t always easy; therefore, The new Wiggles toothbrush and toothpaste comes with a QR code so that kids can listen to the fun “Brush Your Teeth” song while they go about their daily brushing routine.

Plus, The Wiggles are a perennial favourite across generations, and without a doubt, there will be hyped fans including pre-schoolers, school kids and even parents eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Wiggles’ family. Kids of all ages love The Wiggles!

The new Wiggles Toothbrush is designed for little hands and small mouths and is a fantastic way to improve brushing techniques. Plus, The Wiggles sugar-free toothpaste in delicious vanilla and strawberry flavour will help young Kiwi kids keep their teeth healthy and strong. 

There are also product extensions in the pipeline including The Wiggles Kids Floss Picks, Electric Toothbrush and Bubble Bath.

For enquiries, please contact Lisa Biesheuvel, Tel 0800800085, or email lisab@aluro.co.nz.