The latest extension to McCashin’s Brewery range of drinks is Palaeo Water, which comes from one of the oldest aquifers on Earth, an ice age reservoir in the Nelson region. Scientifically carbon-dated as being between 14,000 and 30,000 years old, it is amongst the purest water in the world and has been trapped underground for so long that is virtually as pure as water can be, as it has been untouched by humans for so long.
At first, it had been used as an ingredients for all McCashin’s products, before they decided it was the right time to start bottling it on its own.
“With increased knowledge and awareness about how much sugar is contained in fizzy drinks and how bad sugar is, the water category in supermarkets is growing,” said Brewery spokeswoman Emma McCashin.
The new product comes in an arctic blue glass bottle with a simple, see-through label featuring a map of New Zealand. Currently available in 300mL and 500mL bottles, it is due to be released also in 330mL cans and 10L bag and box.