Whittaker’s ‘Blondie-licious’ New Flavour

Whittaker’s is proud to release Blondie, its new caramelised white chocolate block, which is a natural blend of toasted caramel and milk flavours, with a smooth buttery finish. The chocolate is caramelised in an authentic way by heating the ingredients to the perfect high temperature for a precise amount of time, without the need for any colour or flavour additives. The resulting delicious flavour is perfect to savour on its own or to get creative with in baking.

Whittaker’s co-Chief Operating Officer, Holly Whittaker, said the recipe has been in development for a number of years to achieve the authentic caramelisation and the unique flavour profile that delivers.

“We worked hard to perfect the recipe to ensure we could stay true to our vision of a naturally caramelised white chocolate that doesn’t require added caramel flavours or colourings and to ensure we met our own high standards for quality. Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers have been asking for a flavour like this over the years, so we’re delighted to finally share it with them,” said Holly.

The name ‘Blondie’ is a nod to the toasted white chocolate take on a classic chocolate brownie in baking, and is intended to hint at the feeling of fun associated with this new flavour.

“The richness of the flavour and the silky-smooth texture of the chocolate means it’s hugely versatile for use in baking and desserts, as well as being ‘Blondie-licious’ on its own. We’re looking forward to seeing people enjoy sharing a block with friends or getting creative with it in the kitchen."

Whittaker’s Blondie adds a new flavour dimension to Whittaker’s wider range of other indulgent treats, including the West Coast Buttermilk Caramelised White Chocolate in Whittaker’s Artisan Collection, which heroes the distinctive flavour of the locally sourced buttermilk.

Like all Whittaker’s chocolate, Whittaker’s Blondie is made from beans-to-bar at its one factory in Porirua, using only the finest ingredients. Whittaker’s Blondie is Rainforest Alliance Certified™, as is Whittaker’s entire range of 116 products that are crafted with Ghanaian cocoa beans.