It might be hard to say, but no one can deny Line’s Knaekbrod has been a hit since landing on shelves just over 18 months ago. Owner Line has been going from strength to strength after being awarded a Cuisine Artisan Award for her Cumin flavoured Knaekbrod in 2015.

Knaekbrod, a traditional Scandinavian flat cracker bread, has many variations depending on each Scandinavian country. In Denmark, they have a seeded Knaekbrod, which Line has based her cracker bread on.

It was always Line’s dream to do something to do with food. She’s a passionate foodie and has always loved baking, but with small children and settling into a new country she spent a few years as an administrator before leaving to get her foot back in the door of hospitality.

Her mother came to visit about four years ago and they baked Knaekbrod. Line was reminded how much she missed having moreish bread to eat as an alternative to toast, especially in the morning, and with encouragement from friends who had also fallen in love with the texture and moreishness of the seeded Knaekbrod, she began to play around with the recipe to make new flavours.

Line set to work perfecting her mother’s recipe and created a thin vegan, yeast-free, sugar-free cracker that she rolls and bakes by hand. Line has four flavours, Original, Cumin, Rye and Rosemary.

She has recently collaborated with Hallertau Brewery to create Danish Beer Crackers.

For more information contact Line on 021 132 4533.