The UK has just introduced it, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is encouraging New Zealand to follow in those footsteps. Do you agree?
Would it tackle obesity or just feed the country's coffers?

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    Of course we do. The establishment of the sugar industry charted alongside health problems demonstrates we should only have a limited amount each day whereas we have seen industry use it as a means of getting us all sucked into especially sweetened drinks and foods. Rarely has an educational programme to apply pressure to stop something or change habits formed over many years ever worked and it is not working with sugar. The tax would help fund all the hospital and health investments necessary for the rising diabetes, amputations and dental care we are starting to see from excess sugar use. — Mark

    I honestly don't think we need it. It would be just another levy. Educational programmes in school are a much more suitable solution, and that is what the Government is trying to do. — Nicola

    No. — Darren

    Yes! Tackling obesity involves many aspects such as better nutrition education, more awareness as well as reducing sales of high sugar foods (through higher prices and less availability). The government needs to play its part in helping to defer sales of fizzy drink in order to assist in the reduction of type II diabetes and other metabolic disorders that are costing the NZ tax payer thousands every year. — Megan