Established in Ettrick on the side of the road, Benjer Drinks Co was a means for the apple farmers to use up excess produce. The farmers made ciders and a small range of juice. Most recently, the company moved to Cromwell where it has expanded its juice range into what it is today. We spoke with sales and marketing manager, Tracy Levey about what’s in store for the company going forward.

What is your current product range?

Apple – 100 percent pure Cox’s Orange
Apply Boysenberry
Apple Feijoa
Apple Raspberry
Apple Mango

“All of Benjer Drinks juices are gluten free and have a shelf life of two years without any preservatives. Our apple based juices have no added sugar and six of the nine fruits are grown on the South Island of New Zealand and not from concentrates.”

What’s new with Benjer Drinks?

“We’re a bit of a family affair. Tracy and Edwin Levey moved to Cromwell in June 2016, Edwin taking on the manufacturing reigns and Tracy to continue her sales role, which until now, has been done remotely. They will be working alongside the Noble family, who have been managing the day to day of Benjer for over ten years.

Set in Cromwell amongst the Orchards and Vineyards of Central, we recently opened a Tasting Room at the factory for our juices and the ‘Incider’ range of Ciders that are also made on our premises. Coming into summer, we hope to encourage local and overseas visitors alike to visit us, meet us and enjoy our juices in the Central Otago sunshine.”

Plans for the business?

“Plans for the future include expanding our distribution networks to reach all corners of New Zealand to provide our customers with better service and deliveries. We would like to grow our grocery category this year and are looking for suitable partners in that regard.”

Where can you buy Benjer Drinks?

“We are currently in many cafes and restaurants and some grocery outlets on the South Island but our focus for the year ahead is to continue to expand into the North Island. This is a growing market for us and will provide us with the sales growth we need.”Benjer A3 Poster