US company Planters Peanuts has launched an IPA made with a nutty tinge. Mr IPA-Nut is the company’s first venture into the beer market and is made firm in the knowledge that nuts go well with beer. “Mr Peanut doesn’t want beer drinkers to be without the perfect salty snack, which is why he brought the iconic taste of Planters to an IPA,” commented marketing director Ashley Tople. Mr IPA-Nut has a citrus aroma with a suggestion of honey roasted peanuts, and a salty finish. Owner of Noon Whistle Brewing Michael Condon commented that the obvious choice would have been to make a stout or a porter with the nuts, but Planters wanted to prove its nuts went well with any beer style. “Therefore, we took their honey roasted peanuts and made a great IPA that highlights both hops and peanuts,” said Condon.