Global Retailer Supporting Germany’s Largest Foodbank

Lidl germany,

Lidl in Germany will donate 20 cents per bag sold to the Tafel in Germany. The supermarket has recognised the increasing need for support for the foodbank, with which it has maintained a strong partnership for 15 years. 

Lidl has taken the concept of the reusable bag and added a donation mechanism to make a further contribution to the critical work of Tafel and to strengthen the supermarket and foodbank's long-standing relationship. The donations will go towards Tafel projects to improve its outreach and support, including digitisation, food storage expansion, greater transport capacity, and the promotion of volunteer work, including recruitment of young people.

In the summer of 2022, Lidl introduced the reusable bag weighing up to five kilograms throughout Germany under the motto 'together against food waste'. Since then, fruit and vegetable products that look less perfect but are edible have been given a second chance at a discounted price of three euros per bag. 

Lidl customers have saved more than 19,000 tons of food through the reusable bag programme. The positive response to the programme also supports and confirms the success of Lidl'a sustainability and that the retailer is on the right track to reduce food waste further.