With just two months until Halloween, company’s Mars Wrigley and Hershey have begun to release their Halloween candy into US retailers.

According to data provider One Click Retail, Halloween can impact search behaviours online as early as August which is why companies have already begun revealing their candy for the holiday.

“Now is the time to begin optimising product content, introducing seasonal items, tacking inventory and prepping promotions in order to capture the initial wave of traffic and drive sales all the way to the end of October,” said One Click Retail.

Data released by the company revealed that last year Mars Wrigley produced six out of the ten top-selling Halloween candies from last year, w.hile Hershey ranked fifth in the 2017 US Halloween candy category.

Global market intelligence publisher, Euromonitor predicted that by the end of 2018 the US seasonal chocolate market would be worth $3.06 billion with an increase of 3.3 percent expected year on year.

Some of the new items feature new varieties of M&M’s, skittles, KitKat and Reese’s candies.