As the war on waste steps up a gear, UK grocery chain Morrison’s leads the way in reducing waste. Their latest initiative is a pick-your-own egg stand which allows customers to purchase one egg to trays of eggs. The stands have already been rolled out across all of the chains 200 stores throughout the UK.

The initiative not only reduces waste but allows customers to select their ideal sized eggs and guarantees that no consumer is left with cracked or undersized eggs. Catering to both families and smaller households the select-your-own scheme will reduce the waste from unwanted eggs. Dairy and Eggs currently account for 9 per cent of household waste.

The new initiative follows previous schemes to reduce waste by Morrisons. The supermarket chain recently began selling “wonky vegetable” boxes in an effort to reduce waste. The boxes proved so popular that Morrisons has also started selling “wonky flowers” at a cheaper price. The flowers are only slightly inferior due to under-development from hot weather and dry conditions.

Morrisons was recently found to be one of the UK’s most eco-friendly supermarkets, with only 19 per cent of their packaging found to be hard to recycle. Global discount supermarket Lidl was found to be the worst offender with just 71 per cent of the company’s packaging being readily recyclable.