After 12 years as the 'guardians' of Barrys Bay Cheese, owners Catherine and Mike Carey have sold the business. The company has been sold to Daniel and Amy Shields and will take over from April 29.

As current owners of Cool and Fresh Ltd, distributors of Barrys Bay Cheese in the Canterbury and North Island areas, they are very familiar with the operation and will be retaining all the current staff.
"We have already enjoyed a close relationship with the Barrys Bay team through our distribution business," said Amy Shields. "This has given us valuable insights in to the performance of the business and to the needs of Barrys Bay's customers. We are well attuned to the needs of New Zealand supermarkets and we're committed to keeping up the high levels of service and responsiveness that Barrys Bay Cheese has aspired to."

New company details will be advised for customers to alter records for transactions following the handover.

"It has been a great journey to continue to develop this longstanding brand that has operated for 122 years and we have had a great team to work with over the years," said Mike Carey. "We trust that you (the industry) will continue to work with Daniel and Amy and offer them the same support we have enjoyed."