"Please, come in, human."

An Auckland-based software development and design company has created the world’s first interactive robot retail store, Niska Ice Cream Bar in Melbourne.

Phosphor has equipped the venue with robots who speak, process orders, make payments, scoop the ice cream and add the toppings. From beginning to end, guests will be served entirely by robots. The software that Phosphor has developed communicates between the customer and the robots, manages the ice cream products available, displays the choices on the kiosks, and oversees the user experience.

“We’ve been in the business of creating innovative solutions for clients for 25 years, and it’s fantastic to see our efforts manifest in such an exciting, consumer-facing way,” said Cath Sample, Phosphor’s co-founder and director.

Niska’s CEO and co-founder, Kate Orlova, said that Niska aims to revolutionise the retail space. “For us, ice cream is just the beginning. We’re looking to expand the robotics into other areas of retail. The future is here, and it is exciting.”