"Kiwis are all about fairness and at Countdown we want to make sure that when people are shopping in our stores and online, they only buy what they need.  To help, we’ve introduced limits on some items to help make sure there’s some for everyone.

At the moment, for some products, we’re selling triple the amount we would normally sell in a week.   And while we make things like toilet paper right here in New Zealand, we simply can’t get it on our shelves quick enough if everyone is going to continue to buy like they are currently.  What we’re asking is for customers to think about how much food and other essentials they really need. We’re big believers that a little kindness goes a long way, and we want to make sure that there are food and groceries available for everyone, and especially those who might be unable or find it hard to go into a store.

Our teams and suppliers are working around the clock to meet the unprecedented demand we are currently seeing.  We want to assure New Zealanders that our supply chain is strong - that we have enough food in this plentiful country - but we need people to shop as they would normally, rather than stockpile.

As the situation continues to evolve, we’ll continue to monitor products and put measures in place to make sure we can meet the needs of all New Zealanders.

At the moment we have a limit of two per customer on the following items:

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Personal wash

  • Panadol/ paracetamol

  • Antibacterial wipes

  • Disinfectant and household cleaners

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

  • Serviettes

  • Facial tissues

  • Pasta

  • Rice

Our teams are working incredibly hard under difficult circumstances.  Please be kind to them, and each other. We thank our customers for their continued patience and support as we work through these challenging times together."

For information and updates: 

Kiri Hannifin, Countdown’s General Manager Health & Safety