One hundred percent natural and preservative-free, Aotearoad is a new range of affordable New Zealand-made products that are already proving popular around the world.

The six skus of Natural Deodorant pastes are sold in the UK and US, and through Amazon, as well as in supermarkets and health stores across New Zealand.

Now Aotearoad has expanded the range – adding Dry Shampoos, Body Moisturisers Hair Clay and Foot Deodoriser.

All handmade and featuring only certified organic and natural ingredients, including essential oils, the sticks and powders come in either biodegradable or compostable paper packaging.

Aotearoad products are affordably priced to be accessible for every day Kiwis, with a RRP of $11.99 for the Aotearoad Natural Deodorant, with a tube estimated to last three to six months.

Two working mothers, Vanessa Farrington and Monica Budd created the brand out of a desire to find products that are not only better for the planet but also its people.

“I was born in New Zealand with Swiss heritage and raised on an organic farm, it was seriously idyllic, and then I worked in London and Dubai and realised how un-idyllic the real world is,” said Budd, an Auckland mother of two.

“Consider what plastics are doing to our planet, it is shocking. When I started researching what goes into deodorants – traces of aluminium and sulphates, I gave up on deodorant completely. I didn’t want that on my armpits, going into my ducts.”

She and long-time friend Farrington spent six months trialling the perfect recipe in their own kitchens, and are strident in their wanting only organic, natural ingredients. They pay a premium for Colorado rock bicarbonate, rather than import a cheaper, manufactured version from China that contains minuscule traces of arsenic. Ingredients include

“As a mum, it’s important to know what goes into the products my family use. And to know that they do their job too. As we say on the tube, they are made with aroha, they’re good for you and for the planet,” said Farrington.

Although they are preservative free, the vibrantly-coloured products have a shelf life of 6-to-12 months.