More Fairtrade bananas soon in stores


T&G and All Good Bananas are now teaming up to provide New Zealanders with more Fairtrade fruit, helping small banana producers in Ecuador at the same time. The extensive sales and distribution partnership is set to increase the market for All Good organic bananas by 30%, particularly in the South Island.

All-Good Bananas co-founder, Simon Coley, underlined that the agreement is a milestone for his company. “We’ve come a long way since launching New Zealand’s first Fairtrade bananas in 2010. It is great news for our customers and for our growers in small banana farms in El Guabo, Ecuador, who will benefit even more,” Coley said.

Grown by more than 76 percent in 2014, the brand has conquered 6% of the banana market over the past five years, reaching an even greater percentage in some central city outlets. “This new partnership will allow All Good the ability to reach more customers by utilising our well established national transport network, strategic ripening and market locations,” said T&G executive general manager NZ, Andrew Keaney. “More importantly, we are looking to offer our customers and consumers more choice and an expanded range of Fairtrade produce.”