Hubbards was founded in 1990 by Dick and Diana Hubbard and from the outset their purpose was very clear: make good food and then make a difference. Hubbards has continued this philosophy for over 25 years. Over the years the company have been involved in a wide variety of community causes that resonate at a level with its founder, managers and staff.

“We’re doers not talkers and through the years, our customers have come to expect this of Hubbards. We make amazing mueslis and cereals and do great things for our community. We communicate to our customers through our actions - on our website, our facebook page, and of course in and on pack,” says Hubbards marketing manager, Rebecca Bergs.

Hubbards is also a member of the Sustainable Business Network and with this network it looks to drive new and even more community initiatives.

From late 2014, Hubbards launched its ‘keep the good going’ initiative and went on the lookout for everyday Kiwis doing good deeds in their community. The company encouraged New Zealanders everywhere to take on the challenge of doing random acts of kindness, generating a chain-reaction of good deeds within their local community and New Zealand at large. Individuals and groups doing good deeds were then encouranged to share their stories on the Hubbards Facebook page with special surprises and community rewards given to good-deed-doers throughout the nation.

Berg says, “Judging from the laughter, stories and selfies, we felt that we’d made a step in the right direction in the creation of a positive movement that’ll continue to grow over time.”

Other initiatives the company is involved in are; Hubbards Head 2 Head Walk, Amazing heroes, Live More Awesome, Hubbards have been a principal supporter of Outward Bound NZ, having donated over $1.5million dollars, generated through the sales of Hubbards Outward Bound cereals. Hubbards also assist many community based charities around the country. “We’ve figured out where we can make a difference, and we get working to make it happen,” Berg adds. As a group, Hubbards says it’s got what it takes to hopefully make big changes, “We’re daring and caring and that way of thinking can go a long way in helping our community. Sure, some things we won’t be able to change overnight, but sometimes even the smallest actions can make the greatest of difference,” says Bergs.