TVNZ Breakfast’s host Jack Tame has been recently stopped from buying alcohol at an Auckland supermarket because his partner didn’t have identification and looked under 25 years of age.

Viewers shared their frustration on TVNZ Breakfast's Facebook page, telling their stories. Some of them saw it as an overzealous application of the sale-of-liquor rules, including mothers being refused to buy wine and cigarettes because their teenage sons were with them. Another viewer told she had been denied service because the checkout operator felt she was buying for her 25-year-old son, who didn’t have ID.

“He didn’t even look that young so there was no need to ID him,” she said.

Several Kiwis, however, said supermarkets are not to blame, as the financial penalties are huge, including loss of liquor licence.
On their part, chains have made clear their policy is to ask anyone for identification if they believe that person looks under 25, to make sure alcohol isn’t purchased for minors. These rules also apply to groups of people: if there’s even one person who looks younger than 25 years of age, checkout operators need to ask anyone in that group for identification.